The brief few days I spent here were enough for me at the time, however looking back I would like to return with a bit more of an open mind. I was worried about my remaining money for Australia, which was where I headed to from Singapore, so maybe did not give Singapore the time of day it deserves. It did have the buzz of a big cosmopolitan city, with the exciting futuristic possibilities ever present around you, however compared to the cities that I fell in love with, such as Bangkok and Hanoi, it just felt more man-made and unnatural.


The city from the Future


Singapore is expensive compared to the rest of South east Asia, and if like me it was at the end of the Thailand-Laos-Vietnam_Cambodia circle if felt even worse. Generally everything was double the price of the other countries, so you do need to budget more, especially if planning to spend more than just a few days there.

ACCOMODATION – I stayed in the area of Little India, it was a short walk from the bus dropped me off. Generally the hostels were around 15-30 SGD, and basic hotels will start from 50 SGD with a fan. My hostel included breakfast and hot drinks so that at least saved some pennies each day!

The hostel I stayed in was in –
Little India – B88

FOOD – buying food can eat up (sorry) a large part of your budget in Singapore, or it can be nearly as cheap as the rest of SEA. There were plenty of low cost places to eat in Singapore with street food going for no more than 7 SGD. I did eat out at a few nice restaurants, not quite the Marina Bay standard, but it was a nice treat to myself for my last meal in Asia for a while.

GETTING AROUND – Like most modern day cities it was pretty well connected, the MRT runs through the entire country, some journeys are cheap and some will set you back, it really depends on how far you are travelling. The bus service is also really efficient, I myself used it for the journey to the famous Singapore Zoo!dsc05555

WHAT SHALL I DO THERE? – Singapore is a place you can just wander round, and find things unexpectedly, from Little India to Chinatown to the cosmopolitan city skyline at Marina bay. There are some stunning botanical gardens, a huge zoo, you can wine and dine around the Quay, watch the light show from the Marina Sands hotel, or for some culture visit the Thian Hock Keng Temple or the  Sri Mariamman Temple.



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