I’ve currently entered into Malaysia twice, the first was on my way down from the Thai islands and onto Singapore, where i just stopped at Kuala Lumpur and got very sick in Melaka. The second time was on my way home, in between Borneo and Bangkok from where I flew back to Manchester, UK! I shan’t pretend to say I saw loads here, as I was slightly lazy for different reasons both times! But that just means I get to go back right? From what i heard and saw Malaysia seems to follow the trend of having everything you could possibly want, but has a slightly different feel and vibe to it. From throbbing cities, to thick wild animal filled jungle to perfectly untouched beaches, oh and excellent food of course.


Kuala Lumpur  /  Melaka  /   Langkawi  /  Penang   



ACCOMMODATION – dorms generally started at around 30-55 MYR per night, with the cities being towards the higher end of that price bracket. If you are wanting a private room, they were around 100 MYR for a double room. There were some wicked hostels in Malaysia, Geckos was a lot of fun, really outdoorsy and filled with cute kittens, and House of Journey in Penang was also one of my faves, even if just for the amazing air-con!

some of the hostels I stayed in were –
KL – Marquee // Melaka – JalanJalan // Langkawi – Geckos //  Penang – House of Journey  


reunited with Roxanne!

FOOD – the food was lovely in Malaysia, there were some super tasty vegetarian curries, and rice dishes that turned up inside a pineapple, you never quite knew what to expect, and of course there is Penang, the street food capital of south-east Asia. Cost wise street food was always under 11 MYR, with restaurants higher at 7-25 MYR, and as usual the western meals were even more expensive.

GETTING AROUND – I found the cities to be slightly more expensive, but then there were some free inner-city buses around Kuala Lumpur, I think they were bright pink! I dont remember getting any taxis in Malaysia, as the buses were so good, the bus from airport to KL Sentral was 10 MYR (less than £2!), which was the average price for most hour long journeys.

WHAT SHALL I DO THERE? – when I got into I KL I was overwhelmed by the western world, not gonna lie I enjoyed shopping in H&M, Zara and Mac stores once again, but besides the city shopping, there’s lots of architecture to see there, including the Mosque and the famous Petronus towers. Melaka and Georgetown are heritage sights alone, and just wandering around there provides plenty to do, including cat cafes, art shops and so many trinket shops. Make sure to check out the cool street art aswell, some of them are world famous. I did not hit many beaches here, I need to return to get out to the islands, but Langkawi offers things such as moped-ing, the high cable cart and look-out bridge and boat trips, snorkeling and diving. There are lots of national parks, wildlife, hidden beaches, city restaurants and museums worth checking out too!


ahhh, Langkawi



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