After  my first few months in Asia, I flew from Singapore to Perth, Western Australia. I was missing Asia so much and craving the feeling of travelling again, so I knew Indonesia was (kind-of) close by to cheer me up, even if it was only for 1 week! I am already planning my return here as I literally spent everyday surfing in Bali and did not see what else Indonesia had to offer. When I do return I cant wait to check out the stunning beaches, the volcanoes and rice fields, the jungle and animal life. It is such a popular destination, and I cant wait to head back for a proper visit!


Bali  //  Surfcamp Bali


SO WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO SPEND THERE? This was a different kind of week for me, I had booked into a surf camp which included my accommodation and surf lessons/hire, so I only actually spent 1 night in a hostel. The surf camp package was pricier but for me it was easy, it included everything and I treated the week as a bit of a holiday.Outside of doing this, I expect it is relatively cheap, from food and activities to hostels and transport. Oh and there will be a charge upon entering or leaving the country (i cant remember which!) of $20 US. I was also asked to show my flight leaving the country, so had to book the cheapest flight I could find to show proof.


ACCOMMODATION –  A brief search tells me hostels are usually around 130,000 IDR in a shared dorm, and anything above 330,000 IDR for a private double room. Expect to have higher costs in the main tourist destinations on Bali such as Kuda and Seminyak.

The hostels I stayed in was –
Bali surfcamp- Pro surf School

FOOD – such good food and really cheap! Local street food can be found for 13,5000 IDR for a full-sized meal, and 6,500 IDR for street snacks. As always, western food is more expensive, and there are western choices and options in Bali, due to the huge Australian holiday culture found there.

GETTING AROUND – ferries between the islands can cost from 6,500 IDR upwards, and there are overnight land buses costing around 130,000 IDR and  also mopeds you can hire to get out exploring each island at your own pace.

WHAT SHALL I DO THERE? – surf, surf,surf. If you don’t know how then book some lessons, if you do then get yourself out there. There are so many places to surf, not just on Bali but also Lombok and other beaches. Visit Ubud, visit the big range of temples, there are both Hindu and Buddhist ones. There are national parks such as the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru one and the Bunaken Borobudhur one. There is the mountain hike up Mt Batur which is about 400-800,000 IDR to do.





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