G’day mate! ‘Straya, such a stunning country, with a sunny outlook on life. This is the country where I spent the longest amount of time on my first big trip, making use of my 1 year working holiday visa. World famous beaches, thriving cities and places hours from civilization surrounded by creepy crawlies is not a place not to be missed. I aim to use my second year visa, in order to complete Western Australia and the Northern Territory as there is so much to see and do here, one year just is not enough!


Western Australia
Perth   //  Rottnest Island  //  Fremantle   // Road Trip?

  NSW and QLD
Sydney  //   Cairns  //  The East Coast  //  Farmwork in Tully

 Melbourne //  The Great Ocean Road


With Australia being one of the most well-traveled destinations, covering all spectrum of budget backpackers, to holiday makers to camper-van road trippers and campers alike, it will have something to suit your need and budget. If like me and you landed here after a few months in Asia, prepare to feel your wallet burn, yes it is expensive, but if you are working there the wages really do match and go beyond how the costs of daily life there.

ACCOMMODATION – The majority of hotels I stayed in were between $25-35 AUD per night in a dorm (a far cry from the $3-5 nights I had become accustomed to). I never looked into hotels or private rooms in Australia but a quick search tells me you are looking at around $80-100 AUD for a private room and $200 for a chain hotel double room.  The majority of hostels offer a weekly rate, which does end up saving you money, which suits a lot of backpackers who stay put for several weeks or even months working and saving money. Some activities and east coast packages do include your accommodation, so make sure to find that out when booking!

some of the hostels I stayed in were –
Sydney – WakeUp  //  Freyo – Pirates  //   Melbourne –Nunnery  // Tully – Banana Barracks


FOOD – hate to break it to ya, but it aint cheap. Even living in hostels where they all have kitchens for you to use, and you can do your own food shop ends up being quite pricey. Food just is more expensive here for some reason. You have your usual chain  fastfood places, KFC/Mcdonalds which are similarly priced to the UK, apart from the $5 Mcflurrys, say what!? The cheapest option you will have is to hit ethnic resturants such as those in China Town and away from the main streets where you can find lots of choice. Fish and chips is always a good shout and usually cost around $10-15 dollars, and sushi is always available at not too bad a price.

GETTING AROUND – Again, with Australia being so big some trips can include a 12 hour journey from one place to the next. Backpackers either rent cars and campervans which can cost from $60 AUD a day or jump on the Greyhound bus, with is hop-on hop-off ticketed service, which can be an easy way to organise your trip. Within cities such as city and Melbourne you can make use of local buses, trams, taxis and trains. There is a direct train to and from Sydney central station and the airport which costs just $16 AUD. Flight wise, it can either be very expensive due to limited competition or very cheap due to offers and last minute bookings,  it is worth keeping your eye on websites such as Skyscanner to try to find a good deal.

WHAT SHALL I DO THERE? – I don’t know where to start, there is so much to do in Australia, the country is bloody huge and offers everything from natural outback and the impressive Uluru rock,to rainforests to virtually untouched white beaches and islands, the Blue Mountains, the Everglades and not forgetting whats underwater there is of course the great barrier reef, hundreds of surfing beaches and so much wildlife that sometimes you would rather there not be quite so much! (Yes spiders I am talking to you!) There are iconic buildings such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour bridge and the cool cafe culture in Melbourne, crazy activities such as skydiving, being castaway on an island and the classic coastal road trip, whether that’s the east coast, west coast, south coast…or erm the North coast..just drive the entire way around and you will be fine.


the Blue Mountains



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