Bucket List

IMG_1566This list is ever growing, and ever changing and definitely not exhausted. First off, I am a huge fan of doing lists, colour coded ones, to-do lists, to-buy lists..the list goes on. A lot of them are seen of peoples lists from all around the world, however a few are slightly more personal to me. I’m not even sure why it’s called a bucket list…it is simply a list of things I want to achieve within my life- be warned, it is pretty long!

“to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also achieve” Anatole France

    1. Skydive
    2. See Times Square in NYC
    3. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
    4. Watch a show on Broadway 
    5. Spend Christmas Day on the beach
    6. Go to a UK Christmas Market  
    7. Go to the Full Moon Party
    8. Glacier Trek
    9. Visit  the Great Barrier Reef
    10. Gamble and party in Las Vegas
    11. Go hiking on a world famous trail
    12. Visit the Caribbean
    13. Get soaked by  Niagara Falls
    14. Travel across Europe
    15. Buy and do up a camper van
    16. Visit every continent
    17. Visit and explore London
    18. Spend a night in a Castle
    19. Surf in Oz
    20. swim in a natural spa
    21. Drink Cosmopolitan in NYC
    22. Watch a show in Vegas
    23. Live with a friend
    24. Nurse/Volunteer in an undeveloped country
    25. Have a professional spa day
    26. Have friends all over the world
    27. River rafting/white water rafting
    28. Watch the Ibiza Sunset
    29. Club in Pacha, Ibiza
    30. Go on the biggest rollercoaster in the world
    31. Attend a big sporting event
    32. Dive with Sharks
    33. Book a one-way flight
    34. See the carnival Parade in Rio, Brazil
    35. Get something I’ve written published
    36. Go on African Safari and see the big 5
    37. Spend a night in the Jungle
    38. Attend a music festival in another country
    39. Swim with dolphins
    40. Do a snow festival
    41. Get my teeth sorted out
    42. Be on television
    43. Be happy with my skin
    44. Let a Chinese lantern loose
    45. Spend New Years in a big city
    46. Drive a Harley motorbike
    47. See the statue of Liberty
    48. Go Jet-skiing
    49. Go horse-riding again
    50. Take part in a charity run
    51. Learn a martial art
    52. Go to a meditation retreat
    53. Visit places where Harry Potter was filmed
    54. Graduate and gain Nursing Registration
    55. Travel with a friend
    56. Travel with a boyfriend
    57. Fly First-class
    58. Learn a musical instrument
    59. Keep a diary for at least 1 year
    60. Go on a cruise
    61. Sleep under the stars
    62. Visit Buckingham Palace
    63. Get my fortune told
    64. Spend time over Christmas in Lapland
    65. See the Northern Lights
    66. Book a flight and go within a few days
    67. Sleep in an Igloo
    68. spend the day somewhere busy with no makeup on
    69. Go camping with all the family
    70. Keep Meow to show children
    71. Be a mentor to student nurses
    72. Get a tattoo
    73. Build a tree house
    74. Have travel friendship reunions
    75. Decorate a house
    76. Adopt a pet rabbit
    77. Spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods
    78. Live abroad
    79. Walk the Lake District
    80. Travel in a campervan
    81. Road trip across USA
    82. Do a cooking course in Asia
    83. Go to Glastonbury
    84. Have visible abs
    85. Leg press 100kg
    86. Travel up the East coast of Australia
    87. Travel alone
    88. Live somewhere with a view of the Ocean
    89. Plan a wedding
    90. Plan a Hen-Do
    91. Live in London
    92. Snowboard on real snow slopes
    93. Learn a boarding trick – either surfing or snowboarding

As you can see (if you read through to the end, congrats!) a good mixture of inspirations, I am proud of the ones I have achieved so far, and just know my next adventure will see a few more achieved!


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