Packing List


As a complete newbie to backpacking, I have probably read 1000 different packing lists, lists of what not to pack and what are considered the essentials. I for one, do not care for trousers that you can zip off into shorts, or the whole taking 2 pairs of pants, wash one, wear one rule.

I have a pretty big backpack, a 60+10L Berghaus Jarlan. The back straps fold away into a secret section, which will be pretty useful for when not using it. It seems pretty comfy, however I have only worm it around my home. I was lucky enough to have it as a christmas present, and I hope it serves me well!


I love buying new clothes, however I’ve found it pretty easy to whittle down my clothes to what I think is a small yet versatile wardrobe. With me hitting Asia first, I just know I will pick up a few pieces at the markets.

Here’s what I have packed.

Tops x10 .. Sounds a lot, but a good mixture of vests, tees, long sleeve top and camis ,


Shorts x 4 The obvious denim short (which took me ages to find the perfect pair!) A sports short, silky prettier short and a loose beach style short. I am also packing a pair of black leggings, which are currently being washed. Please note, I love my bunny slippers, and will miss them dearly.20140318-155437.jpg

The rest is pretty simple, a checked shirt, 1 long dress, 1 play suit, 1 kaftan and a cardigan. Iv also packed 4 bikinis, which can all pretty much be mix and matched.20140318-155721.jpg

I have also packed 4 bras, 1x sports bra, 12 pants, 4 socks, a belt, flip flops, gladiator sandals and my gym trainers…which nobody needs to see.

My biggest weight is toiletries..I don’t see where I could minimise these anymore than I already have. I need quite a few toiletries due to my spot prone skin and uncontrollable hair.

Everyday toiletries – small travel towel, loofah, toothbrush, paste and floss, razor, LUSH shampoo and conditioner bars, soap and my dermologica medibac face wash and exfoliant, tangle teezer hairbrush. I am also taking some makeup, which includes bare minerals powder foundation, bare minerals warmth (bronzer), bare minerals primer, mascara, a red lipstick, and an eyebrow pencil with a mini eyeshadow palette.20140318-160419.jpg

Up next, another bag of stuff that will be used daily. These are pretty self explanatory.

20140318-160718.jpgFinal few bits… Cold and flu sachet, allergy relief tablets, antiseptic spray and cream, talc, face wipes, Imodium, senokot, nail clippers, paracetamol, spare razors, spare ear plugs, nurofen, nytol, tiger balm, nail polish, mini scissors, steri strips, few plasters and a spare stash of American dollars.20140318-161006.jpg

The rest…as you can see..A travel towel, sleep sheet, dirty clothes bag, wires.20140318-161414.jpg            As for electronics, I’m simply taking my camera and it’s charger, and my iPad mini with its charger. Oh and a cute little head torch.

I don’t plan on using the +10 section of the backpacker, but will keep it there for just in cases. I am taking my own bag for the day, which is a cute flowery rucksack. Aswell as a mini leather over the shoulder bag for evenings.

I am keeping a few key bits in my day bag.20140318-161904.jpg

This includes my beautiful travel diary from Paperchase, Thailand guidebook, (iv got a Southeast Asia one in my backpack), cap, eye-mask, purse, then a ziplock containing passport, passport pictures, memory stick, lip balm, US Dollars, Thai Baht, mini notebook, flight and first accommodation details, pens, bobbles, credit cards x2, my minds gone completely blank of the correct name for them..but ear sponges to block out noise.

I think that is everything, my bag comes to about 11kg, and has room for more things. Far from an experienced packing list, but it proves you can be well dressed and keep your special toiletries whilst being a cute backpacker!


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