About me

“Traveling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes.” Jan Myrdal

Home is Stoke on Trent, a city in the middle of England, I am neither Northern or Southern, just somewhere in between, which suits me perfectly. Iv been lucky enough to have a good upbringing with my parentsImage, older sister Charlotte and younger brother Tom. I have a good group of friends and despite us all heading indifferent direction I know they are solid friendships.

Like many people I have continuously been in education, and in March 2014 I finished university where I achieved my adult nursing degree, this is something I am incredibly proud of, and did not see in my future when growing up deciding which career I would take (I always envisioned Hollywood in my future-but alas…I cannot sing, dance or act). However it is also this course, which led me to meet a good friend who made me see that travelling the world was a very real possibility, and not just a dream. It had always been something I had wanted to do, something I would eventually get around to doing, but she made me see that it really is as simple as quitting your job, booking a flight and going.

So that’s almost what I did – I completed my 3 years nurse training first. The responsible thing to do would be to get a years worth of experience under my belt and then hit the road, but I have been itching to travel for over 4 years now, and have never been the completely responsible one anyway!

I began my trip on the 23rd March 2014, with a one way flight from the UK to Bangkok, Thailand.
Since deciding that I wanted to travel, the plan has changed several times, it has gone from me being in a relationship and wanting to travel alone, to being in another long-term relationship and wanting to travel with them, and now back to going it alone..
..which I wouldn’t change for the world.

This blog is mainly for documenting my travels, to keep family and friends updated without my inundating them with emails of what iv been up to, and hopefully somewhere I can share advice, be given advice and share a part of me with others who also want to see the world. I spent hours pouring over peoples travel blogs, gaining inspiration and ideas, I only hope mine can do the same for other people.


I had a wicked 14 months travelling, which you can see from my blog posts, following my return home in May 2015, I have gone on to get my first qualified nursing post at a large trauma hospital hospital in London. I have gone through the stress of finding a nice, affordable house with nice housemates in the busiest, most expensive city in the world and making the move down south. I feel so lucky to have been able to complete my travel trip, and to return home and get my dream job.


I spent 12 months living and working in London, where I was continuously challenged, learnt a lot about my career choice, myself and the kind of life I want to lead.. I also had a lot of fun whilst learning all of this and will undoubtedly post about in the next few months as I catch up…which brings me back to the present day, in August 2016 I made the decision to move back home, to pack up everything I own once again and turn my life upside down. I am now back at home with my parents, nursing again and consciously saving up for my next trip…YES..I will be throwing on my backpack once again, except this time I wont be alone. In January 2017 I will be flying out to India with my best friend and favorite travel partner Roxanne, yes the one I met in Thailand back in April 2014! We have remained besties and soul sisters since the week we met, and it took a good me a good deal of soul searching and decision making before I came to the now very obvious conclusion that I need to be back out exploring new worlds and cultures. I am currently working very hard to get this blog up to date, so I can write about our time in India, Nepal and wherever else we end up, and I can’t bloody wait!!!