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a night out in Cairns

After just about making our flight Nina, Gurps and I landed safe and sound in Cairns, only to be told to jump off our shuttle bus as it was still driving along the road our hostel was on. wtf?  It was pitch black, nearly 11pm and our hostel pretty much looked deserted. There were no lights on, no people around and all the doors were locked. We hung round a bit outside until we saw a light flicker on one of the upstairs windows, we whistled up and managed to get the night manager on duty down to check us in. It was a place called Koala Beach resort, and beach resort it definatley was not. The rooms were grimy, small and very sweaty, I was upstairs in a room of my own hoping I survived the heat of the night and would actually wake up the next morning, where we would be checking in Gilligan’s, which is probably the most well-known party hostel in Cairns!

We arrived at Gilligan’s where the music was blaring, the penis shaped pool was full and the bar was throbbing, this was more our kind of place, down we sat with our ciders, sun-loungers and favorite sequence board game (HA!).


the lagoon in Cairns

We had high hopes for the bank holiday weekend in Cairns, but after sneaking a box of goon into our room for pre-drinks we headed down to the hostel bar that night, after a chilled day at the lagoon. We found the music completely not what we were expecting…there were crowds of people doing the macerena, the YMCA and all things cheesy. We downed our drinks and headed back to the room for fun with our box of goon!

Our time here in Cairns was so far a lot more chilled than I expected, and in hindsight I’m pretty grateful of this, as our next stop was to be a lot of working hard, and playing hard! In Cairns we met Jack, a lad from Leeds working in Cairns at a backpackers travel agents, he was standing in the street with a bloodied nose, who once we had helped to clean up was filling our heads with east coast tour packages, we got his number and started to get excited for our future adventure.


Gilligan’s pool

We signed up for a Cairns bar crawl, and hit local favorites such as the Sugar Hut, much to Essex gal Ninas’ delight, back to Gilligan’s to watch a talent competition before heading out to PJs, an old Irish pub where we played games. It was my favorite childhood holiday resort game…the one where you have to run out into the crowd to collect things and rush them back to the stage in order to not get booted off. Nina and I played a few rounds and got to the final, where despite my many years of practice in the getting dressed and undressed department I just could not get my bra off quick enough and was pulled up to the stage by Nina with it half hanging out my top and tangled around my arm. Fantastic effort I’d say and pretty much the rightful winners, but we had to accept that we had lost, and with Nina and I both being competitive players this was very annoying! From PJs we were ushered into the Woolshed, which was actually a pretty cool bar/club place…however we knew there was free pizza next door at 12:30 so were on a countdown for that. The pizza man tried to give us the crap pieces with no toppings on, which were actually the ones being offered for free..hell no mate, we argued and we got the best of the full-price pieces, all for free. Bargain. We walked back happy with our loot, scoffing our faces and hit the sack.




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