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Sydney3: Rainbow Warrior

I did it, I finally got a job. I ended up working for Greenpeace, the environmental charity, so it was pretty interesting despite the job mainly involving standing on street corners trying to get people to sign up and donate. Now, in England this would be an awful job, but standing in parks and on the streets of sunny Sydney aint all bad, and it was for a good cause and something I was actually interested in – unlike my previous job offer of flogging insurance in door to door sales. I noticed the people of Australia are a lot friendlier than that of England, I only got a handful of F’offs and disgusted looks, compared to what I would have received back home for stopping people in their busy lives.

I completed 2 days intense training at the HQ warehouse, I saw all the Greenpeace props from previous active protests, learnt about the history of Greenpeace and all their current campaigns, including the protection of the great barrier reef, stopping the destruction of the rainforest and the over-fishing over tuna. We wrote practice pitches about a subject we were interested in, I went for the great barrier reef, as it’s something close to Australians heart, and it would be a massive shame for it to be destroyed by adding more cargo ships. I spent 3 weeks in total working for Greenpeace, it was short and sweet as Nina, Gurps and I had already decided to head north to Cairns to begin our farm work. I managed to get a few sign-ups and made friends with a few cool Aussies who worked for the organisation. I basically spent 3 weeks standing in parks and different areas over Sydney chatting to passer bys about the environment, with the aim of getting them to sign up. It was tough, and I had to go out of my comfort zone to go up to so many people, I don’t deal well with rejection so it was a good challenge for me.


It was a very happy organisation to work for, lots of high-fives and cheesiness, which is not me at all, but nonetheless shouting “stop being so hot- the arctic is melting!” at random passer by was always going to be pretty fun when you get over the embarrassment. I also got a cool Greenpeace cap and t-shirt for being an official Rainbow Warrior, much to Ninas amusement.

Nina, Gurps and I had set a date to leave Sydney, I left my job, Gurps had been fired and Ninas’ contract was coming to an end, my friend Dean had told us about Banana Barracks, a farm up in Tully in Queensland. Before we knew it we had booked flights up to Cairns, ready for the bank holiday weekend before beginning our farming work. With our leaving date fast approaching I tried to fit in lots of nice meals and drinks, there are so many nice bars in and around Sydney, I visited quite a few during my time living there, one that stands out is the Glenmore Hotel in the rocks, which is a rooftop bar with views over the opera house, with such good food too. Us very classy 105 girls being out of sidebar for a change, and it really was a pinch yourself living the dream moment for me. We fitted in lots of trips to Surrey hills for schnitzels, the harbour for drinks and fireworks and of course sidebar to get lairy. We spent afternoons playing rounders’ in the park, visiting the outdoor swimming pools, generally making the most out of the city.


When it came to leaving, Nina Gurps and I had a big group in the reception and plenty of goodbyes to say. It was pretty sad, I have loved living in Sydney, and experiencing what its like to live here. Our shuttle was 45 minutes late so we ended up taxiing to the airport, after staying put for a few months my backpack had gone from 13kg to a whopping 21kg since I last flew. That will be all those trips to Topshop, my new hairdryer and shoes then? Oops. Anyway, bank holiday weekend in Cairns, what you saying?!



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