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Sydney 2: Goon glorious goon

So after a day or 2 embracing the room to myself situation, and practically becoming a domestic self-sufficient goddess as I YouTubed and taught myself how to sew, in order to repair my Asia pants. I was feeling quite an impressive young lady so I set about concocting some sort of a CV/resume. I wasn’t able to do any nursing out there as I was newly qualified, so I was just looking for office, bar or retail work. After a couple of hours worth of applying for jobs that was enough, it time to head out.

I headed to Sash with the folk of room 105, it’s a club overlooking Darling harbour, above the Lindtt chocolate shop to be precise, and god it’s good. It was a night of house music, rooftop raves and epic views over the harbour when you attempt getting some fresh air on the balcony terrace.  I ended up moving into room 105 a few days later (with a bottom bunk-result). As a room we fully embraced the few times a week where the hostel reps got the pre Sidebar party started with free goon, snacks and the beer pong tournaments (come on Team Essex-on-Trent!).


I suppose I should attempt to describe goon seen as it is going to be mentioned a lot…basically it is 10 dollar box of 4 litres of cheap-ass wine, that can make even the most hard-core drinker lose their legs. Goon hangovers put a person onto the edge of death, and livers all over Australia are in a state of unrepair from this fish-egg containing substance, yes, the box says ‘may contain fish-eggs’. Despite the awful taste, there were one or 2 brands of the stuff that are less vile than the others, and ultimately, the more you drink, the less awful it becomes. Parties consist of multiple bags of goon, goon circles, goon pong and goon funnels, not gonna lie – its great fun, despite it regularly making me wakeup in a dark place surrounded by KFC boxes and an extremely bad head.


left to right – nina, Emily, ?Hannah, me, grant and amy


I became super close with the girls in my room, we had a few people leave, and a few new people arrive, including Amy, a girl who Nina had previously met before, Lauren, also previously known to room 105 who was from Gloustershire, we didn’t seem to take to each other at first, but the more we got to know each other the more we realised how similar our sarcastic sense of humour was, Jamie who was a mad welsh lad, he was in the room before me but had been away in Asia for a few months and also Grant, a north London lad, who straight away became a good mate to all of us, and who I still see and keep in contact with now, almost 2 years later. The room dynamic was pretty funny, we all got on great with the odd funny argument, Patsy with her noisy plastic bags under her bed every morning, Gurps and Laurens love of being in bed all day, and mine and Ninas love for getting all the mattresses on the floor to flip onto from the top bunk – every time we’ve had a drink.


left to right, Me, Nina, Gurps, Lauren and Patsy


Sydney got me into a bit of a routine of goon, food and being horizontal in bed. It was nice to have a bunch of friends to just live with, sitting in the kitchen chatting, playing around in the room and chatting to new people coming into the hostel. We created our own fun, having wheelbarrow races, shampoo sliding competitions and lots of nights out. A lot of the lads we were friends with ended up being kicked out due to noisiness and lairy behaviour in the room, so it did eventually quiet down a little bit. Gurps had been having a hard time, with losing her job, and slowly running out of money, I tried to cheer up over the course of a few weeks, as I know how hard it can be away from home, I took her down to Bondi Junction to the pet shop where you can play with these gorgeous cute little puppies (bottom floor of the mall if you’re interested!)




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