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Things to do outside of Sydney



There are so many daytrips you can do from Sydney in order to escape the city, which although is a really friendly city, it is easy to forget that you are so close to some gorgeous coastal views and mountainous areas.DSC05989

I made friends with Maikel, a Dutch dude who worked in the kitchen at the hostel; he was a top guy! We spent a lot of time in Sydney going on walks and getting out of the city. One day we jumped on the bus headed towards the zoo, we completed a long walk down to Bernards point and back around, along a coastal path which offered views of nearby area Manly and of the CBD. The high rise skyscrapers looked so cool from a distance, with the water, bridge and opera house in front of us; the pictures just don’t do it justice. DSC05893 We found little hidden beaches, such as Balamoral beach, with pop up coffee shops and deckchairs, where we just sat and watched, I was hoping to spot some whales or dolphins but it mustn’t have been our lucky day! On this particular walk we found ourselves in an old army barrack neighbourhood, which was deserted. It felt like we were in some kind of horror movie or some parallel universe waiting for the people to slowly appear from the empty buildings, luckily none of this happened and we just enjoyed a sunny stroll through a quiet area. Our final stop of the walk was Hunters beach, it was stunning, pure white sand and barely any people, we climbed trees, got fresh fish and chips and just generally had a really good day before heading back to WakeUp.


Another option in Sydney is the ghost tour, Nina, Gurps and I booked onto this a bit randomly one hungover morning. We had to head to the Rocks, an old part of Sydney which you got it, has a lot of big rocks dotted around. It was led by a creepy looking guy in a long black coat, we first went into a spooky dark cottage, we all turned our torches off as we listened to him explain the story behind the cottage. I had somehow got separated from Nina and Gurps so made my way over to them in the dark, which much to my surprise resulted in them both panicking, screaming and fighting to get away from me for fear I was a haunted ghost! We hit a few spots around Sydney, hearing stories about people being killed in attics and tied to chairs, and Michael, a guy who forever remains inside the Harbour bridge concrete pillar. The tour finished beneath a block of flats, where old ruins and body remains were apparently found, we headed down the old metal staircase a bit shakey with our torches in the search of orbs. Im not sure my photos show orbs, or specs of dust on my lense, but it was a fun trip!DSC05973

One of my final daytrips before leaving Sydney was to the Blue Mountains, this was the day after my all-day Bondi session with Emily so the half 6 coach was not ideal. I went with Ash, a new guy from London in our room, he had been up all night with us lot so we were both pretty rough. We made friends with Soni and Paul (UK and Dutch) and enjoyed a few ciders with them along the way, our guide showed us lots of animals dens such as the hole where funnel spiders live, and their webs, liar birds which can mock other birds and imitate their call, lots of colourful parrots, cockatoos, and kangaroos. The actual blue mountains were pretty unreal, the seemed to go on forever, I’ll let the photos do the talking, but the hundreds of stairs climbed that day were pretty worth it. We also rode the worlds steepest train right back up the mountain we had just climbed down. It was like a mini roller coaster, us and the hundreds of Chinese tourists were loving it. We were shattered all had a good sleep on the coach home, so glad I managed to fit it in before leaving Sydney.






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