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Bondi beach and what to expect

There are so many gorgeous beaches around Sydney I could talk about, but of course I will start with Bondi. Its a gem. Before coming travelling, when I was a hard-working student writing my dissertation I used to watch a lot of Bondi Rescue, where you basically watch a bunch of the best lifeguards save people from the crazy Bondi waves. It was ace. So for me to finally be heading there was damn exciting, you bet I had my camera ready to snap pics of those lifeguards, forget the gorgeous blue ocean, beach and rocky surroundings, I got my pics of the lifeguard tower and trucks.


My first trip to Bondi was with a girl I had met in Freyo, Perth, and Lee a mate from the hostel. We walked from Bondi Junction, up along Tamera beach and then along the coastal walk way which brings you round to the infamous view of Bondi. It was stunning. The houses overlooking the beach, the surfers out catching the waves and the little bars and cafes scattered up and along the high street. I swiftly made my way over the sand towards to the lifeguard hut, no-one was around, but I managed a few pics nonetheless, and got a top-notch roast dinner (including Yorkshire pudding!) so I’d still pen it down as a successful trip.

I returned to Bondi many times throughout my time living in Sydney, for daytime drink sessions, just to sunbathe and play in the sea and to complete walks along the coast front. Yes it was busy, but there is no denying it is a nice beach. One notable day-time sesh was where Emily and I fancied a couple of cold ciders as we sunbathed, this resulted in 20 cans of cider, lots of heart to heart girly chats, finally seeing the Bondi lifeguards and stumbling back to the station via a tattoo studio which luckily thank god had no open walk-in appointments, because who knows what we would have got. We headed downstairs to sidebar for the pub quiz with the rest of room 105, hammered and lairy we were not allowed to play so resulted to goon and fun in the hostel room.
A standard beach day in Sydney.


Of course, no trip to Sydney is complete without visiting Manly, I headed here a few times whilst living in Sydney, the first being with Dean, a Geordie guy and his mate Chris who was moving permanently to Sydney for work. We spent the day drinking by the waterfront, wandering the town and sampling local ciders in a variety of bars before getting the ferry back, with the view of a stunning sunset behind the bridge and opera house, before heading out to a bar in Surrey Hills, a cool part of Sydney to an outdoor terrace party and onto Kings Cross to some dodgy club, I want to say it was called Pinkys, anyway – i do not recommend going there.

Another stunner of a beach was Edgecliff beach, it is a small manmade beach beach which has jumping platforms and safety nets – knowing there is nothing dangerous in there makes a big difference in how much i am willing to dive into the sea. A big group of us went and played around all day.


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