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Babies in Bali

I decided my time in Bali would be calm, a detox almost, so after arriving in the airport, and having a night in a close by hostel I did some research and found myself a surfcamp for the week. Even just being back in Asia made me happy, I smiled in the airport toilets at the bum-gun, just because it was there. I ate rice, chicken satay, fresh-fruits and just felt happy again. I don’t know what I had been expecting from Bali, having never planned to go there I had no expectations, but it was very touristy, lots of big-name shops like Ripcurl and Billabong, mixed in with the Asian trinket and souvenir shops, and lots of Australians. Possibly more Australians than I had actually met in Australia.


Bali for some is a giant party place, for me, I just wanted some time to myself. I was approaching the 6 month mark for being away from home, and to be quite honest I needed a break. I needed to strip back on big experiences and just take the pressure off myself for a bit. I know you are wondering, what pressure is this!? You are living the dream Rach?! Which is true, but for me the whole travelling thing was not just a chance to go and see the world, but to try and increase my confidence, the views I have on myself and just how I am with those around me. I am very aware that it takes me a long time before I am able to be myself, and show my true personality to people, and that for me was the pressure I had on myself. To go out there, meet as many people as possible, make as many friends as I could and just try to be this switched on, confident person at all times I guess.

On of of my first mornings in Bali, I was sitting alone on the comfy cushions just outside my hostel, having breakfast and looking at the ocean when I checked my ipad messages. One of my best friends at home had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Lola was born a week early, and was just incredible. I sat there and cried, as the messages from over the last few hours came through one by one on my dodgy wifi connection. The texts about her being in labour, to her being at the hospital, and finally through came the photographs. I cried my eyes out. I was so proud of my friend, and so happy to finally see baby Lola. After the initial shock I continued crying into my breakfast, with the hostel staff repeatedly checking if I was OK all I could do was nod and show the baby photos, the tears were now about the fact Lola would be nearly 1 years old by the time I met her, and that I was devastated to not be there to share this moment with my friends, I knew she was in good hands though and the other girls would spoil her rotten. I managed to get a quick and shakey skype session in with my friend and Lola, when she was back home, which I really appreciated, as I can only imagine how tired my friend must have been. It was the perfect event to start my reflective time in Bali, after breakfast I grabbed my board and headed out to the ocean to celebrate.

As I am so behind on this blog, Lola is now just over 1 years old… I cried just as much when I eventually got to meet her 9 months after she was born, she was more than worth the wait, and I will definatley be making up for lost time.



3 thoughts on “Babies in Bali

    • Yeah I am desperate to go back, I didn’t go to Ubud, although heard great things about it! I didn’t venture very far unfortunately when I was there, it was just a quick stop for some surfing and chill time before heading to Sydney to look for work!


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