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Rottnest Island

Rotto. What a gorgeous place. Sara and I I began the day by making our way towards the docks to catch the boat, we were of course running late and ran what felt like the length of the city to catch the train that we were late for. Our train arrived into the station at 9:28, and our ferry left at 9:30. Oops. It seemed everything was against us, ticket machines were not working, my bag unzipped through running and everything fell out (the fall broke my gopro stick, gutted), and then we had to que up to receive our tickets. Somehow we made it, and collapsed into our seats for what was a speedy and mega bumpy journey.


Rottnest Island is a small island just off Perth, and is made from limestone. The corals surrounding it are meant to be beautiful, and it houses the famous Quokka animal. It was orignally thought to be a large rat animal, hence the island being named Rotte nest, as in Rats nest. To describe it I would say its half rat and half Kangaroo, as it does hop around.  There is a small town there, with chalets you can stay in, a few shops and cafes to visit.

We biked our way around the entire island, visiting as many of the beaches as we could fit in, including Pinky Beach, Stark bay, Salmon bay…there were so many. We stopped occasionally for a rest and a sunbathe, it was a beautiful winters day. We climbed sand dunes, admired the gorgeous sea views and were wary of how many signs there were explaining about the amount of poisonous snakes that are in the grass. luckily we didn’t see any!

DSC05633 DSC05624

We finally encountered our first quokka, we parked our bikes in the middle of the road, there were no cars around whatsoever, I’m not even sure if cars are allowed on the island actually.. they hopped around and seemed curious about us, before we knew it there were 3 or 4 quokkas hopping around.

DSC05642         DSC05646

We had a fabulous day, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. This is so much more my kind of place than the city. We headed back to the ferry, and made our way home via the bottle shop, which is basically just an alcohol shop, as the supermarkets don’t sell alcohol, strange huh. We met up with our 2 Aussie friends from the night before. We drank at the hostel before venturing into Freyo, a University town, which I fell in love with, and went on to move to the very next day. To sum the night up, there was flashing ice cubes, buckets lots of dancing and a trip to the sausage roll shop on the way back to the hostel. Me and Sara had got on really well for the few days we were together, it was our last night together as she had a super early flight. I woke up in my hungover state and she was gone. It was another one of those sad moments you experience travelling, to people at home it seems crazy, I only knew the girl for 3 days, but she became my friend, and I was sad she had gone. DSC05737

I decided I needed a change of scene, that I had had enough of Perth city, I packed my bags, met up with Johnno and made my way to Fremantle on the train with him. I dropped my bags off at the hostel and had a day of fun in the arcades, shooting hoops, eating burgers and soaking up the sunny weather with an ice cold beer. It was the start of an amazing 3 weeks in Freyo, a place I desperately wish I had spent more time in and would recommended to everyone to go visit.


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