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Oh Fremantle, you beautiful little town. The best way I can describe this place is imagine a friendly town, full of outdoors cafes, buskers singing on the corners,fresh fruit markets, a Ferris wheel overlooking the park and of course, a beautiful little beach, with quite possibly the best sunsets and chippy in the west.


Erika in reception


my fave place

My hostel of choice was Pirates, a small hostel that promises to make you feel like family, which is a promise they do live up to. Straight away I was welcomed into the group, where everyone hung out together on the long tables outside, or on film nights in the lounge, with weekly killerpool competitions, free hotdog nights and activity trips led by the owner Vaughn. I was in a room with 2 Swedish girls, Erika and Anna, Erika was also the receptionist at the hostel, and Kirsten, a German girl. The Swedish girls are 2 of the most generous and friendly girls I have met, they cooked for people, made everyone feel welcome and are a large part of why my time there was so good. Together we had many beach trips, flanked with chips, strawberries and wine, days spent doing face masks and pampering one another after days spent surfing at nearby Cottesloe beach (no white shark encounters luckily), trips out to the many coffee shops in town and evenings spent sitting below the pier in the sand, just watching the ocean, eating chips and talking about anything and everything. It was a good life.

DSC05732 DSC05733

Our group had such a mix of people, from loud northerners singing at all hours, an Irish couple who were always around for a chat, 2 of the funniest Scotsmen I’ve ever met, and of course a lovely Cornish dude, who is the most chilled, laid back surfer dude i have ever met.. there are so many more people I could mention, but Pirates became my home, my family and my friends for those 3 weeks I was there.

Through the hostel activities I went on quite a few trips, we did a Little Creatures brewery tour, which of course involved free samples of beer. Excellent. Another was a wine tasting tour, 10 of us crammed into the back of the van and then went on to play it classy smelling and swirling our wines at various different wineries, sampling chocolates,cheese and fresh honey along the way, it was a brilliant day, which resulted in a 2 day hangover for me from all the wine…yeah.. I woke up on the sofa mid-afternoon the next day cuddling the hostel cat, genuinely unsure if I was going to survive the day.

DSC05685 DSC05662

There was many nights out in Freyo, my Cornish friend usually ended up crowd surfing and getting kicked out, ballet dancing with the English girls, the Scots doing the worm on the floor of a club, numerous dance offs, including a ballroom showstopper between myself and my American friend, singing and dancing with buskers in the street, promised didgeridoo lessons by a local, and of course all finished off with a late night visit to Hungry Jacks.

We visited Bounce, a huge trampoline place, where we excelled ourselves in bounce dodge ball, flips into the sponges and bounce basketball. It was so much fun to just be carefree. There were indoor climbing trips, where we scaled climbing walls and attempted bouldering walls. I loved these activities, and had spent time doing exercise circuits and running as much as possible. I was feeling really positive and happy here.


wine in a bowl. Normal day in Freyo


After a few weeks, I realised I had been spending a lot of money, Anna had been struggling to find a job in Freyo, and I had had a quick look myself, but there was not much going work-wise, which led me to attempting to arrange a road trip up the West Coast. I spent a while searching Gumtree, and backpacker pages for cars, groups of people and anything else to get me back on the move again. It was decided that the Irish couple, myself and one of the Scottish boys would buy a car and road trip it all the way up to Darwin, I was beyond excited, but of course it never went to plan…


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