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Upon my arrival in Singapore I got dropped off at Queens Station, which was quite frankly nowhere near where I thought I would be.  I ended up pretty lost before finding an alright looking hostel. B88, situated in Little India which was actually really nice, the only downside was the coffin-like beds, and my room-mates…a large family of the loudest Asian women who were here for a shopping trip, which saw them blow-drying their hair at 2am, turning the air-con down to 16 degrees and generally being ridiculously loud, who goes shopping at 1 am!? I know the malls are 24 hour here..but come on.. sick girl trying to recover here. I resulted in sleeping in sweatpants, a jumper and hat. Not ideal. We negotiated in broken English and agreed on 21 degrees for the room. DSC05517

My first proper night there I went and met Hannah, a girl who I had met on the Thai islands, she was with her friend Jack, who was teaching out there in Singapore, check out his blog, it’s great. He’s from Northern England, not too far from myself, and was was full of interesting travel stories. We all went out for a slap-up meal, the most expensive one I’ve had in a while, 10$ for a ciderDSC05512, you what?! It was only fair we drank Singapore Slings, which did not disappoint and left us slightly light headed as we wandered the beautiful Clarke Quay area, which is pretty swanky.I later got the tube back, which is similar to London’s tube, so therefore pretty simple to understand. Sam from Melaka had given me the equivalent of an Oyster card with some travel credit on, which definitely helped me out!

I spent my day enjoying the free breakfast at the hostel, where for the first time in my life I tried Nutella. Where has this chocolate creation been all of my life? Nutella on toast became a staple meal for my time in Singapore, getting me ready for the days ahead. Myself and a girl from South Korea headed out to Marina Bay, we wandered through a few of the huge impressive malls, which have rivers,boats and everything else flowing through the middle of them, every designer brand you could imagine, and lots of very rich looking people. I had flashbacks from my time in Bangkok, wandering round in my backpacker getup wearing just one flip-flop and surrounded  by people wearing couture and oozing money. Out of place would be an understatement.


The view from outside the mall was beautiful, a proper city skyline across the water, full of yachts and private boats harboured up. We headed into the Botanical by the Bay Gardens. I’m not going to lie, gardens dont generally impress me, but some of the creations and themes inside were pretty epic, I felt as though I was in the Avatar movie. There are different sections throughout, representing different countries, such as Chinese gardens, an Indian theme and Malaysian gardens. The viewpoints offered great views of the city, it was nice to feel outside of the city. The city to me felt so modern, and almost kind of fake, it is as though it is not lived in, but just on display. After visiting such thriving other cities in Asia such as Bangkok and Hanoi it just didn’t give me that feeling of excitement that the others had.


My South Korean friend had to rush off to catch a flight, so I made my way towards Chinatown for lunch. It was full of the usual shops expected in Chinatown and I made a few little purchased of new bracelets and anklets.I made my way towards Ruffles, a posh hotel, walked through a small park, doing my favorite activity of people watching, before heading on to check out the parliament building, town hall and large church. I hung around and waited for the 8pm light-show at the Marina Sands hotel. I later discovered I had been standing at the wrong place, so when I saw lights at the other end of the harbour I ran down in the rain so I didn’t miss it. Oops. The show was quite impressive, lasers, lights, videos, fountains and music all blaring into the water from the impressive hotel. It was a nice evening, however I would have enjoyed watching it with somebody, and I did unfortunately get a slight feeling of being alone, and swiftly made my way back to the craziness of my hostel room.

DSC05558 DSC05525

The next day I was grateful to have arranged to meet up with Jack, the lad I had met a few nights previously. Together we jumped on the bus and made our way towards Singapore Zoo. It was possibly the best zoo I have ever been too, it was the first time i had seen a polar bear, I got to see Orangutans up close, a white tiger strutting back and forth and of course the best animal in the zoo…lots of bunnies. Later that day after saying goodbye to Jack I visited the Mufasa shopping centre, it stocked everything you possibly think of, I stocked up on a few vital pieces for Australia and headed to  the rooftop restaurant for a final curry. It was a nice night, the food was tasty, I read my book and headed to bed a happy girl.

DSC05560 DSC05567

Today was my final day in Southeast Asia, I was a mix of emotions. I felt I needed a break from Asia and ready to begin my time in Australia. I spent my final day completing a run about Little India, it was boiling hot and I got so many strange looks from men and tourists alike, but it felt good to be active. I hung around until 10pm when I made my way towards the airport.

Singapore airport was quite impressive, I ate, drank and tried to fight my nerves before my next journey. I sat next to an Australian lady on the plane, we had a little chat and she told me how much I would love Australia. I arrived at 7pm Australian time, after boarding at 1:30am, shattered, but so ready for my next adventure. G’day Perth.


2 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Glad that you had an enjoyable time in Singapore 🙂
    I could understand your feeling of travelling alone as I had my years of travelling for business abroad alone. It is definitely more interesting to have someone to chat about stuff, even if it is anything lol …


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