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I made it to Tiger Temple

After a relatively short 2 and a half hour journey back to Krabi, Emma and I checked into our hostel ‘Krabi Thai Hotel’, with Emma preparing for her flight home we spent the day souvenir shopping before deciding to get massages, manicures and facials. It was a lovely last evening, where we ordered lots of different Thai dishes at our favorite street food stall, creating our own Thai tapas style meal recapping our Thai island trip over a few Changs, all for just a few pound.


The steep climb.

The next day we woke and said our goodbyes, it had been a great holiday with her, and I was so appreciative of my friend coming out to visit me, but also looking forward to my upcoming flight to Kuala Lumpur, which I had booked the previous day. After waving her off I made my way to my new hostel, ‘Pak Up’, which was really nice, full of people and even had a rooftop bar. Perfect. Upon check-in I met an English girl Tara, we were in the same room and headed out for lunch and planned to attempt Tiger Temple that afternoon. The same Tiger Temple thatĀ Emma and I had been unable to find despite driving up and down the road for over an hour. We got a taxi and walked towards the temple, and start of the 1,237 staircase climb. There were monkeys everywhere, and after the crazy monkey scene at Monkey Beach I was now a bit wary of the little creatures, and only started to climb the stairs when 2 Thai guys offered to accompany us up the stairs. They were running the stairs for their weekly exercise, which was pretty impressive. The stairs were steep, rocky and there was 1,237 of them! They scared the monkeys away when they came close with sticks, we lost the monkeys at around 240 stairs up, which was when we ran into the stray dogs…just great. Luckily they did not bother us, and the 4 of us continued our climb, stopping every few hundred stairs for a breather and chat…did I mention there was 1,237 stairs?! By the end it was more of a climb for us girls, performing giant lunges with each step, it was a brutal workout on my body which was still aching from the Muay Thai class on Koh Lanta.

The Thai men giggled at our red sweaty faces, but were proud to show us the view when we reached the top, and boy was it worth it. You could see the entire of Krabi, huge limestone rock formations up close, mountains and fields in the distance, and of course the actual temple, a small temple at one end of the cliff, a big golden pagoda at the other end and a large golden Buddha in the middle. We stayed up there for a while, as the sun started to set, chatting to the 2 Thai guys and an Aussie, before making the descent back down as a group.


It was worth it.

Luckily the monkeys and dogs had gone, as we had to hang around for a while for our taxi. We headed back to the hostel where we met a group of English guys, all student engineers, with whom we grabbed some food at the local markets and hit the rooftop bar for the jelly-wrestling competition, cheap cocktail buckets, a few games of ring of fire (The Kings Cup) and a walk to 7/11 for late night noodles.

I woke up in the morning, and Tara had already left for Koh Phi Phi, another short and sweet travel friendship.. I planned that days trip with the boys to hit Railey beach.


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