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After a bloody long bus + boat journey which took us through Donsak and Surat Thani we arrived at a seemingly empty Krabi. Everywhere seemed closed, and after being dropped off at Good Sleep Hostel, we found it was virtually empty, which was surprising for such a nice hostel.

We of course headed straight out to explore the town, picked up some dinner at a street food market, which went on to become our local for the next few days. I proudly presented meat on a stick, and marvelled at my own stick as she enjoyed the variety of meats and flavours available for so little cost.

Our main plan for Krabi was to venture to Tiger Temple, a place I had been recommended by a friend, it is a temple which sits at the top of 1327 steps, providing 360 degree views over Krabi. However, somehow we just could not find it! Like all good tourists we had the local map, we had asked taxi drivers, policemen and other travellers, all of whom sent us in different directions. We drove up and down the same stretch of road a good 10 times looking for the elusive turning we were missing, before admitting defeat and wandering a shopping outlet village instead, stumbling upon a large white temple and the giant crab statue which overlooks the famous Thailand limestone rock formations. Come evening the Krabi night markets were on, which entertained us for hours with the trinkets, locally hand-made jewellery, fried ice-cream and tasty curry pasty puffs. The markets hosted a singing competition, as we sat watching, eating corn-on-the-cob and a strange rice dish which we both did not like at all, we were joined by a local family, eager to find out where we were from and what we thought of the show. We chatted for a while, eventually sharing our unwanted rice dish with them, they must have thought it was tasty as it was devoured within minutes, their faces full of smiles and thanks. Our evening was spent with me teaching Emma how to ride the moped, and her driving round and round in circles grinning ear to ear whenever she revved up the accelerator. All in all, not such a bad day after all.

We had 2 nights in total in Krabi, our second day and night plagued by the wet season, as thunderstorms and some serious torrential rain pounded down relentlessly. We filled our time with films, street food, and arranging our onward travel to my most anticipated Island, Koh Phi Phi.

The rain seemed to follow us as we made our way to Phi Phi, walking up the semi-outdoor tunnel towards our boat was like a scene from a movie (more precisely…Harry Potter, where they first enter Grimauld place are are engulfed by a misty Dumbledore!), we battled a giant wind tunnel attempting to push us back, rain soaking us and our luggage through within seconds and mist so thick we couldn’t even see 2 steps in front. We ran onto the boat, laughing, dripping wet and in the exact same situation as everyone else onboard.


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