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Koh Sa-lily

After arriving on Koh Samui and walking for hours to find a backpackers hostel amidst the luxury resorts. I decided to take an early night and be refreshed for the next day…the day one of my best friends Emma visited me from home! Up early and eager, I attempted to walk to the airport with all my bags, (I need to stop being a tight arse on transportation) I discovered it would take me hours, flagged down a cab and waited for my friends arrival.

I was beyond excited when she walked round the corner, backpack strapped on and arms around her travel pillow.  If it wasnt for the masses of secrurity and bollards I would have ran and jumped on her. Hugs and plenty of girl gibberish happened in the first few minutes before our cab driver whisked us away into the main square. True to form, we had no accomodation booked, so after a meal of chicken cashew nut curry (with me sitting gushing about all the food she needs to try in the next 2 weeks) we headed off to find somewhere to stay, which resulted in a long sweaty walk and a swanky hotel at the end of it! ( The Avenue Hotel, £9 a night!)

With me amazed by the clean bathroom, with FREE TOILETRIES, fluffy towels and my large immaculate white bed – which I didn’t even have to make, and of course the many goodies Emma had brought for me from home, we caught up over a good cup of tea before deciding to rent a motorbike to explore the island. The island is mostly catered towards holiday makers, and is probably my least favourite of the Thai islands, but we eventually left the town and found an elephant sanctuary, where we stroked and stood in awe of the elephants before heading on to our next stop, a red temple. I was quite impressed with this one, despite seeing hundreds of temples I had not seen a red one before and spent a while checking it out.

With beautiful views along the coast we were happy just driving around and stopping wherever we wanted. We had a few mishaps of course, as the waterfall we had planned to see had dried up in the heat, and our bike let us down as we struggled to drive up a steep hill with the 2 of us on, resulting in us walking it to the nearest lay-by, dumping it there and tackling the hill on foot. Considering Emma had not long got off a 13 hour flight, she gave the hill her all and we enjoyed the view at the top, out over both bays on the island, and far out to sea.

With street food, bars and an England World Cup football match at 2am to keep us busy we enjoyed the cheap cocktails, warm air and being in each other’s company once again. It was nice to hear about home, conversations she had had with my parents and about places I have missed. The walk back after the match is a memory which still haunts me today, a big black stray dog followed us for the majority of the walk, getting closer and closer, and not being deterred by locals trying to scare it away. Each time it left us, it soon reappeared; out of dark alleyways it always crept back. With me shit-scared and Emma trying to keep me calm we managed to flag down a motorbike taxi on the deserted road and went back to our hotel in safety.
I had gotten used to the stray dogs in Asia, but have never been approached by one in a seemingly threatening way, it has unfortunately made me a lot more scared of dogs in Asia!

After a brilliant long-ass sleep in our comfy beds we decided for our last day on Samui to make use of the shops and get some shopping and gifts at the cheap prices. Practicing our bargaining skills we got a few good purchases and of course found it necessary to hit the beach, and later our rooftop hotel pool, with views overlooking the island it was a nice end to our brief stint in Samui, as the next day took us to the west side and onto Krabi!


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