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Koh Tao

Koh Tao, the diving island and a place where we needed to recover from the manic party island that was Koh Phan Ngan. We piled our bags into yet another pickup truck and sat atop of them on the back, with no hostel booked we had no real idea where we were headed. The town itself was quite small, relaxed and charming, with just a few small cobbled streets, several boutique style shops and little cafes it was a nice change from KPN. We ended up checking into Baans, a bit of a posh hostel opposite Choppers bar, it was a lot nicer than we had been used to, with large beds, air-con, dressing tables and large power showers…we were in luxury. Our days on the island were quite relaxed, starting most mornings with a steady shotgun or strawpedo, we played mini-golf in the middle of a thunderstorm, which required us to take a break, and fill ourselves with food and beer before resuming the game. I ended up playing rubbish, and came second to last in the group, which I am definitely blaming on the beer and 3 shotgunned cans drank before we started playing. The others wanted to get a bungalow down by the beach, but after my wildlife experience on Koh Rong I was keen to stay in the flash packer hostel. We eventually checked out of the hostel, looking to find a bungalow, but fortunately for me, everywhere was full and we ended up checking back into Baans. Result. The evenings were mostly spent on comfy cushions on the beach, with drinks, music and our favourite street food…meat on a stick. There was one hectic night where we did the Koh Tao bar crawl, after seeing Roxanne and Andrew proudly wear their bar crawl tshirts all round Asia I was excited to finally get mine. We started with buckets and shots, and headed to the pool party, where Tom was the first to dive in for a free drink. Here strawpedos and press ups continued, we were playing a game which required ten press ups to be done if you said the word ‘ten’ or ‘mine’, both of which are surprisingly said quite a lot. We did press ups all round the island, on the golf course, in bars, in restaurants and even at the beach. The party led us to a Caberet bar, where we watched ladyboys strip, dance and tease the guys brought up on to the stage, they were incredible dancers and looked amazing, it was hard to tell if they were male, female or what!? All of us from C20 got silver rings engraved with C20 and our given nicknames, as a souvenir of our messy time together on the eastern islands. Together the group of us ran excitedly, think Phoebe from Friends style, across town to the final bar for the final round of buckets and dancing. We had a brilliant night, made friends with a group of Geordie guys who were entertaining and kept us partying until the early hours of the morning. It was also the football World Cup whilst I was on the islands, which only added to the excited atmosphere on the island, as each night from our room we could hear the cheers and groans of football fans from all over the world. When it was England’s turn to play, the kickoff was 5am Thai time, we all got to bed just before 11pm, and grabbed a few hours sleep, before our alarms went off just before 5. I was the only one in the group to wake up and get out of bed, I swiftly got Hannah out of bed when I saw her rousing half asleep. Together we painted our faces with the England flag and headed over the road where the pub was in full swing for the match. Our first drink of the day was a sex on the beach cocktail. We joined in the football atmosphere, almost forgetting it was nearing 7am and we had just started drinking. England lost the match and we crashed out into bed just after 7, waking again at 10:30 feeling very confused about which day it was, and if the football match had all just been a dream. After a relaxing few days it was time to leave the island, I left everyone behind as I was headed to Koh Samui for a few days to meet my friend Emma from home the next day. I got chatting on the journey to a Canadian guy, we shared the truck, boat and walking leg of the Koh Samui journey…


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