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Jungle party & The Full Moon Party

After trying my to organise my entire Asia trip around being at the June 2014 full moon party, the night before was finally upon us. Our dysfunctional Jaya Hostel family, which had been joined by Hannah (a.k.a Plan B), Rob (a.k.a Boner) and Lauren’s uncle and his friends, on a short holiday from Australia, our C20 room was ready to go big..after the initial problem of the boys having their passports stolen within minutes of checking into the hostel we set about getting ready…

We prepared for the jungle party in a typical backpacker fashion, by donning our best tie-dye outfits, covering our eyes in paint and glitter and drinking ridiculous mixers from buckets. We piled into several tuktuks and headed out into the jungle. Not sure what to expect, I was buzzing when we arrived, to find it actually was in the jungle…who’d have thought it aye?!

It had a festival atmosphere about it, as the site was huge, with several different DJ areas, bar stands and even a muay thai fighting ring. It was crowded full and almost impossible to stay together with such a large group. I ended up with several buckets, Lucie, Tom, and another 2 English guys from our room, Oli and Fernando. We raved away outside in the crowd for as long as we could handle then made our way to the Muay Thai show, where we watched a traditional Thai presentation, including a man walking a tightrope, fire and a chair. I couldn’t tell if it was real fighting or a show, but the ring was then opened to tourists…which saw plenty of drunk guys fighting and falling over in the rain sodden ring. Our friend Fernando went up and managed to win his fight, giving us the energy boost to continue partying away until the sun started to rise.

The following day saw the main event, the full moon party. The legendary beach party I had been dying to go to since I decided to travel to Thailand. Miraculously, I was feeling pretty fresh after the jungle party, much to the rest of the rooms dismay. We spent the day slob ing around, enjoying a communal 6 person spoon over the beds and lots of our favourite Thai food. FYI Thailand is not the place to come to if you want to lose weight, it is impossible to not eat the delicious rice and noodle dishes on offer, and had me vowing to be super healthy when I eventually got to Australia, after such a carb heavy few months.

Once everyone was on the same wavelength and felt fresher we headed out to get our full moon kit, after refusing Lucies demand to wear something pink and neon I opted for a black backless top, emblazoned with the full moon logo, a flowery headband and various neon ribbons which would be tied around my arms and legs. The streets were completely packed, the opposite to the derelict streets on when I arrived, just a few nights before. I painted my face, and covered my arms and legs in various flowers, hearts,swirls, peace signs and quotes. I painted Lauren’s arms with flowers and swirls, which I was quite impressed with, if I do say so myself! I ended up painting quite a few of the girls, which was so much fun and got me super excited for the party.

We pre-drank out on the street, with music blaring and hundreds of other party goers, everyone was buzzing and up for the party. I lost everyone almost instantly, but ended up bumping into 2 Dutch guys I had met previously, we went from beach bar to beach bar drinking and dancing on the beach, on the wooden stands over the sand and down by the sea, it was so much fun. We ended up dancing all night, and chatting to everyone we met, it was a shame to not be with my original group of friends, but I still had a good night. There were designated sleeping areas where plenty of people were crashed out, to save people from crashing out on the beach (many people still were). Iv read bad things about the full moon party, in that you need to be careful with drug dealers, I was not offered anything and was able to enjoy my night drinking without any disruption.

We spent time watching the fire show, and helped a Canadian guy covered completely in Aztec themed paint to wash himself off. It was a random night..I wanted to head over to Eden, the club we went a few nights before, where I knew Tom, Rob and everyone else would be, I found it was a better night than the actual full moon party, which although a wicked night was way to busy and had plenty of people out to cause trouble.

Unfortunately for me, I never made it there..due to crashing out in bed at around quarter to 6 in the morning, I was woken by the boys running in at 9am after their crazy full moon night. The post-party day was not an energetic one, un-showered and covered in paint we all walked like zombies through the town, looking for somewhere we could eat and make ourselves feel better. We settled for a C20 family Mexican meal, which was a brilliant last night on the island, before heading our separate ways.

We spent our final few hours together discussing conspiracy theories and listening to funny tales from Robs travelling diary. Lucie, Lauren, Charlotte, Hannah, Tom, Rob and I were all heading for a Koh Tao together, after initial confusion of jumping in different pick up trucks, losing each other at the boat ferry terminal and finding our backpacks in the back of a truck we boarded our ferry, heading to the next island further north.


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