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Back to Bangkok..

After my last minute decision to travel to Bangkok the next day, I spent the morning packing away all my belongings once again into my backpack. Come 11am I was shuffled into a small minibus which took me to the border, where we were left alone and unsure which direction to go in. It turned out we needed to walk through the casino clad town of Poipet, in order to reach immigration and receive our Thailand visas. The entire journey from then on was broken up by several hours of waiting around at various cafes, stops, swapping from mini vans to tuktuks and back to a mini van once again.

Driving through Bangkok in the evening was quite exciting, it had been the morning time on my last entry to the city. I felt a strange feeling of homeliness and excitement to be back in Bangkok, where I had started my journey several months before. The smell of food, hoards of people and dirty streets seeming exciting all over again. My hostel was nothing special, a cheap bed for the night above an Indian restaurant, a minutes walk from KSR. My room stunk of urine but I appreciated the cabin style beds with a curtain for privacy.

My first plan of action was meeting Andrew, who had travelled to Bangkok a few days before, we grabbed some pad Thai from a street stall (I had missed this food very much!), a beer at a hippie Volkswagen van cafe, people watched and caught up on the last few days. After another final farewell we headed back to our separate hostels where I once again made a last minute decision to book my bus for the next day down to Koh Phan Ygan.

The next day was perfect, cue lots of shopping for bargains around Bangkok; shoes, clothes, spring rolls, fresh fruit shakes and the much needed Thai massage, waxing and facial. I was enjoying the pamper when out of the blue the lady in the salon waxed my forehead, having not requested this or had it done before it was quite a shock, and has since made me question the few fines hairs on my forehead.

A huge thunderstorm erupted in Bangkok that evening, blowing over umbrellas, clothes stands and food carts, I stocked up on pad Thai, spring rolls and water for my long overnight bus journey down to Surat Thani, where I would jump on my first Thai boat to reach the islands…


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