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Sinoukville, a little halfway stop for us really between Koh Rong and making our way to Siem Reap. Here we met up again with Lauren and Lucie, who ended up staying longer than planned, working in a local bar.

Roxanne And Andrew got another private room, which although a bummer to not be with them, provided me the opportunity to meet new people in the dorms. We stayed in Led Zephyrs hostel, which from the name I’m sure you guessed was a rock themed hostel. The main reception consisted of a bar, pool table, drumkit and plenty of signed memorabilia. A basic air conned room felt like paradise to me after my Koh Rong bungalow, I spent the first few hours here just lying on my bed, cooling down and chatting with the girls in my room.

After a short wander around the town, where I sampled some brilliant seafood fried rice (now a firm favourite dish of mine), we decided there wasn’t really much to the town, and that would we move on to Siem Reap within a few days. Come night time we hit several bars along the front strip, drinking cocktails, happy hour specials, dancing on bars, stages and ending up in JJs, a packed nightclub full of backpackers taking full advantage of the many liqueurs being poured freely into open mouths over the bar.

With Lauren and Lucie out ready for a day flyering, Roxanne, Andrew and I headed to Otres beach, a much talked about beach in Sinoukville. It was not what I was expecting, being a long but very thin beach, however it was lovely and quiet which suited our booming headaches quite nicely. We indulged in a little pampering on the beach, paying $4 for a back massage and foot scrub, which was so refreshing given the midday heat. Rox and I were approached by 2 kids, maybe 6 and 7 in age, who we paid $7 to each for a hair-braid. I knew it was expensive, and that they should also not be out working at that age, but I couldn’t help but give her the money as she persisted how much she needed it. It didn’t take long to do, but we chatted as she carefully wrapped the coloured threads around my hair. We spoke about school, what London is like, and about her brothers and sisters. I like to think my $7 helped, but I know Cambodia is a poor country and a lot of children are out working at a young age. The evening here brought a beautiful sunset, as you can see below, it is one of the best I have seen.

Feeling chilled, tired and still considerably hungover we could not face the strip again, instead heading to a local cinema for a Harry Potter filled evening. We payed our few dollars, stocked up on snacks and got comfy on the giant cushioned chairs for a relaxing magical evening. I did find myself here in Sinoukville missing travelling as part of a large group, as travelling with what ultimately was a couple in the honeymoon period could have tendencies to make anyone feel slightly homesick and alone.

We had decided to move on the next day, that we wanted to get to Siem Reap and explore Angkor Wat in time for Andrews birthday. We booked our bus, deciding to treat ourselves to the exclusive Hotel Bus for the long jounrey back to Phnom Penh, where we would change over buses to reach Siem Reap. The final few hours in Sinoukville were spent unsuccessfully attempting to complete Andrews pool table challenge, drinking in Mad Monkeys and the usual task of stocking up on snacks for the long journey ahead.


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