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Hey Hue

Hue for me was not as good as it could have been, I spent the majority of my time there feeling ill and being sick. However on one of the occasions I did get out I ventured to the Citadel with Lucie and Lauren, en route we bumped into Dom, Katja, Roxanne and Andrew, who had just finished their personal guided tour (from Roxanne) around the citadel. We had some lunch first at a street cafe owned and ran by a deaf man, he was very helpful in pointing out where to go, and where not to go on our map, whilst also of course suggesting that we go with his travel business. We did not actually pay to go into the citadel, but chose to walk around the edges glimpsing in, which wasn’t very successful due to the high brick wall enclosing it, nonetheless it was a nice walk in the sun.

Another venture out saw us get motorbikes for a trip to the beach, again this was pretty unsuccessful due to 2 out of 4 bikes being broken, and continually breaking down in the middle of busy roads. Due to the extended journey time by the time we arrived at the beach the sun had all but gone in, we took this opportunity to have an hours nap on the sand and relax after the stress of swapping bikes, breaking down numerous times and losing each other on the unfamiliar streets. Looking back, we should have realised the motorbike owner was not reliable, when he said there were no petrol stations in Hue, and we needed to go to his friends street stall, where the ‘petrol’ was poured in through a plastic funnel on the side of the road. With Roxanne on the back of my bike we lost the others through busy congested roads, we took the opportunity to explore Food Street and found ourselves in a busy Vietnamese supermarket marvelling at the range of products, and then later in a restaurant located in the middle of a lake. The trend of Roxanne and I taking hours to do the simplest of things, whilst continually getting lost continued, we returned to the others several hours later to find them panicking we had fallen off our bike or were trapped in the middle of nowhere.

The nightlife in Hue was quite good, starting in Why Not Bar playing Jenga, utilising the constant Happy Hour offers and finishing in the dodgy but delightfully crap Brown Eyes nightclub. It was here I found myself attempting to ballroom dance with new friend Marcus, a self confessed arrogant chap from Brixton, London, and his two friends ‘Ken’ and ‘Waterboy’. The night finished with Marcus and I on the back of a motorbike taxi, where we were taken to a street side cafe at 3am, chatting to 2 guys from Birmingham who were out discovering their Vietnamese roots. The Brummies provided free food, beer and entertaining conversation until after 5am when we all decided to call it a night.

The next day was spent wandering the town, getting a few items of clothing made in the tailors and discussing last nights antics. After a final rubbish night alone in the hostel feeling sick and sorry for myself, we all boarded the bus for a 4 hour journey to Hoi An.

“I’m just going for a rinse girls…you know..”


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