Packing list..8 weeks in

Looking back at my original packing list, before I had experienced carrying this massive bag around in 40 degree heat..and I wish I had packed a better mix of things, including a light cardigan rather than my thick one, and a knee length dress for day/evening. After being taught to roll my clothes up properly by an Aussie friend, I can now fit much more into the same space.

Things I have either chucked away, sent home or given away..

1x large packing cube to Johnny..I can fit everything in the small one now
1x hoody
1x slippers
1x 1 long sleeve/legged pyjama set
1x cap (don’t know why I got this?)
1x headband
1x blow up neck pillow
1x small travel pillow
1x tin to keep odd bits in (free off the plane into Bangkok)
2x vest tops
2x lonely planet books

Things I have purchased..
1x small handbag to replace one I left in VangVieng
1x day bag to replace my broken day backpack
2x tye dye items, got to be done..a dress and a top
2x baggy backpacker trousers, iv sent one pair home
1x hanoi beer vest top
1x skirt top combo I had made in Hoi An
1x shorts I had made in Hoi An
1x flip flops to replace my broken pair
2x toiletry bags to replace stolen/lost ones

Toiletries have whittled down slowly, and been replaced with smaller versions, same for the medical kit, some items have not been used such as steri strips and plasters, but antiseptic cream, tiger balm and paracetamol has been a life saver.


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