1 year of travel

Travelling alone has been the best thing I have ever done. HANDS DOWN.  It has opened my eyes to a world I could not even imagine if I tried. I have laughed, cried, moaned and smiled my way through endless cities, villages and mishaps, which have taught me so many new things and really made me a nicer and stronger person. Maybe this collection of teachings will inspire someone to go travel the world or make someone think about what they are currently achieving, to go out and get what they want. We all have our own lessons to learn, mistakes to make and of course countries to visit. Iv had a bloody good time, and coming towards the final part of my trip fills me with a huge mixture of emotions, that I can’t even bare to think about.
So here it is, a list of 100 things I’ve learnt in the last 12 months of travelling…


Tongario crossing hike, New Zealand

1. Travelling alone really isn’t that scary
2. It’s much more fun not sticking to your original plan
3. I can’t sleep sitting upright on buses
4. But I can fall asleep on the floor of airports
5. I like making a home for myself in each hostel I go to
6. To be more sharing
7. Don’t be such a tight-arse with money
8. Speak to people you would not usually speak to
9. I prefer exploring cities alone
10. I hate saying goodbye
11. And always wish I’d have said something more
12. I will eat and lick insects for fun
13. Unexpected nights out are always the best
14. Buckets are lethal
15. Smaller hostels become like a family home
16. I’m to health conscious to hack drinking everyday
17. I will never take a clean fridge for granted again
18. Cockroaches and bugs don’t bother me anymore
19. Avocado. Thank you Australia.
20. Skydiving is one of the best things I have ever done
21. I like not knowing where I’m going
22. But don’t like trying to decide where to go next
23. I will never be ok around stray dogs
24. I’m no good at climbing mountains, but I will push myself to do it
25. I can survive alone and away from my family and friends
26. I hate waiting around for other people
27. Scrambled eggs for breakfast will NEVER get boring
28. My skin isn’t actually as bad as I used to think it was
29. Chained up and performing elephants are not cool!
30. Laws forbidding durians on public transport are there for a reason
31. The major tourist destinations are just that for a reason, don’t skip them
32. Mango sticky rice is a great snack any time of day
33. Guide books should be used as a guide, not as your complete itinerary
34. I discovered I love yoga
35. You can be away from home for a year, and not that much will change
36. Monkeys are not as friendly as first thought!
36. Reading back over your travel diary will always be fun, even 3 years later..
37. People watching is brilliant wherever in the world you are
38. Dont be so quick to judge people
39. Always carry hand gel and toilet paper on you
40. “Spicey” has a different meaning in different countries. I still have a numb tongue.
41. Not showering for 3 days is fiiiine. Real friends won’t judge.
42. Cheap snacks and food in Asia will make you put on weight
43. A sarong which doubles as a blanket/towel/scarf is the best thing you can buy
44. Trust your instincts
45. Don’t wait around for other people, you are on your own trip. Embrace it!
46. So many new drinking games
47. Tiger-balm and paw-paw each have so many uses
48. There will be lonely, homesick days, but you will snap out of it
49. Don’t always use your Google map app, just wander and get lost
50. Happy pizza and happy shakes will make you very happy. Be aware
51. People will still sit around on social media, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are
52. Respect the local cultures, you are a guest
53. Don’t get attached to your flip flops, I’m now on my 5th pair…
54. It’s ok to not want to be social all the time
55. Sometimes travelling alone isn’t always the easiest option
56. Camping in Australia is like a competitive sport between families
57. It physically hurts going from paying $1 (Asia) a cocktail to $20 (Australia)
58. You will want to go home and explore your own country more when you get back
59. Travel friendships can withstand anything and will last centuries
60. A 5 hour bus trip will seem like a short drive down the road after travelling
61. Your travel music playlist will expand regularly, each song will trigger a memory
62. Going for nights out un showered, no make up and casual clothes will be the norm
63. Don’t listen to all recommendations of where not to go, go and make up your own mind
64. You will get museumed out, templed out, and yes sometimes even beached out
65. Watching a silent disco will always be funny
66. You will lose so many items of clothing on your trip, so keep them cheap
67. I now like steak, and wish I had tried it sooner!
68. How to make a fire
69. Kayaking in a thunderstorm will either be brilliant or a complete disaster
70. Washing machines in hostels may make your clothes dirtier than when they went in
71. Be the better person and apologise, don’t let time drift away unspoken
72. The most unlikeliest of people may turn out to be the funniest people you meet
73. If in doubt in Australia, just assume it is poisonous
74. You will wee behind trees with girls you have literally just met, safety in numbers people!
75. Your budget will go out of the window, especially in New Zealand
76. Sea sickness once you’re back on land is the weirdest feeling ever
77. Make the most of any bad weather thrown your way
78. Don’t sleep outside on a boat in the middle of a thunderstorm
79. Sing, whenever you get the urge to, just belt it out
80. You will get naked photos in a variety of public places
81. Don’t attempt to flip on a table when drunk (not me!)
82. How to finally move on from somebody I never thought I would
83. Be more prepared in booking hostels in advance during peak season
84. Don’t think into things so much
85. Not having a family christmas has been my saddest time
86. To trust myself
87. How to drive a tractor
88. Arriving super early for free food in a backstreet alleyway is not that tragic..honestly
89. Chicken schnitzels. Thank you Nina
90. You don’t need photos/videos of everything, just enjoy the experience
91. Camping during a thunderstorm with minimal bedding will make you ill and achy
92. The airport is no place for a lie-in
93. You can create a brilliant Halloween costume for just $5
94. Time really does fly when you’re having fun
95. Travel really is the only thing you buy which makes you richer
96. Sometimes a higher power will literally just answer your prayers…free food and a cooling breeze ahhh!
97. I’ve got to learn to love myself first
98. Crying cause you’ve finished a good book and it’s over is perfectly acceptable
99. Am I sad my first big trip is coming to an end? Absolutely.
100. Would I do it all again? Abso-bloody-lutley!


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